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Thank you for sharing this, and glad to learn about it. Would have loved to have been there to hear further deliberations, in particular on recommendations on how countries best should adopt and implement AMV. Please do share reports if possible, Momo and Kristian.

Many thanks for this Kristian. Your organization (GIZ) also needs to be appreciated for the funds and technical backstopping given which contributed immensely to the success of the conference, the first conference ever in the history of Sierra Leone on natural resource governance. Outputs of the conference will be shared with you shortly and plans for future engagements with government on strategic policy issues with respect to the themes covered during the conference. The conference report is also underway to all our partners and other natural resource actors in the sector. kind regards, John.

Hi John,

I hink that this was a very good event. Congratulations to the organizers! I trust with this level of commitment civil society will play a major role to promote the implementation of the Africa Mining Vision's principles in Sierra Leone. All best, Kristian.