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Industrilization is the key to Africa's development, no doubt. The worry however is that the idea seems to be coming from outside, and i fear that ownership of it will be a problem both in the short and long terms. For whose benefit? What are the structures in place to ensure effectiveness in this drive as well as ensuring beneficiation and the provision of sustainable jobs with commensurate pay packages. What about the infrastructure, taking about electricity and the likes? It's a wonderful idea, but i have my reservations.

Dear Isabelle

I think African leaders have long known this, that's why even those socialist leaders of the 70's subsidised loss making parastatal companies in the name of industrialisation until they all got annihilated one by one. A big part of industrial development challenge lies in our outdated and inappropriate education (both formal and informal) ....a new paradigm is urgently needed. The entire society must be transfomed. Education needs transforming and be re-focussed towards our industrial development goals. Only then will we start innovating, find home-grown solution to our challenges. Right now our schools are churning out a huge number of unemployable graduates. Some countries like DRC are even going backwards on where they were 30 years ago!