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Hello Deval,

Interesting topics there.
I was wondering what came out of the discussion on SMS complaint mechanisms.

Has anyone already looked into this in detail, or rolled out such a mechanism, to your or any of the participants' knowledge?

I keep being asked about this, and have not heard of any examples so far.

Many thanks.


Hi Cynthia,

The workshop touches on understanding hydrocarbon contracts (including their financial obligations). The sorts of obligations, their substance (e.g. the scope of environmental obligations) and the geography of affected communities are clearly likely to be different for a hydrocarbon contract. All of the contracts the CSO actors chose to analyse, however, are mining contracts, so we have ended up focusing on those.

Hi Deval. Thanks for the update. Is the workshop focused primarily on mining contracts and not on oil contracts as well? As I explore contract monitoring, I seem to notice this divide between mining and oil extraction.  Would local monitoring be different for oil extraction versus mining? If so how?