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Dear Emma,

Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.

I will visit the site and share with my colleagues.

Best Regards,


Dear Kimheng,

Thanks for your interest in the course.  This particular call for applications is for participants from Francophone Africa only and the course will be held in French. 

We also have a similar programme for Asia Pacific which you would be eligible to apply for.  Please keep an eye out for the advert!  In the meantime if you want to do some reading our website has many documents on the different stages of the value chain



Dear  Emma Tarrant Tayou,

Your shared info really useful for Cambodian's CSO who are working on EI sector, as you may know that Cambodia is very new to this sector, thus there were many lacking points to fill up which human resource is the important one too. So I really interested for this course, should you recommend me where do i start with? and what do I need to full fill as applicant for this course?

And where can I get the needs assessment form in English?

Much thanks for your valuable to time to share and answer me back.

Hope to see you one day.

Best Regards,

Cheng Kimheng

EI revenue program 

Development and Partnership in Action, Cambodia