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As a consultant, I have  delivered in December 2016  an Evaluation report of a project entitled “Small scale gold exploitation and Sustainable development in Niger “ implemented by Civil Society Organizations (EIRENE, KARKARA, Baarou Ouallam) funded by European Union. Mining operations run by local enterprises, as opposed to large-scale mining (LSM) operations, which are usually run by transnational companies, Because of the non-mechanised and undercapitalised nature of ASM, there is often a poor recovery rate and returns are relatively low; ASM miners become caught in a poverty trap, and their continued existence becomes a sustainable livelihoods issue. So the paradox of ASM is that despite its cyclical and often informal nature, ASM continues to make a significant contribution to global mineral extraction; Reducing the socio-environmental impacts of mineral extraction through technical supervision of mining associations or cooperatives. These and others ( women in mining, child labour) relevant issues  were core items of the document. Will happy to help ! Best regards