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Hi Evelyn Parra

 Thanks for your comment. I think the problem that blankets the need for development in areas that have natural resources is politics. For instance if you look at the Ugandan case oil has been taken as apolitical asset rather than something that is expected to change lives for the better. If only our leaders would guide us towards feasible development then engage in constructive politics then we shall be seen to be heading somewhere.

Many thanks Coletta for sharing this information.

Civil society has learned to understand in a quite painful way what are political/governmental and industry interests towards extractive industries and as a result they hardly trust in promises of future improvements in employment, education and health systems.

In my view, it might be worthwhile to reflect on if it is best to differ the effective exploitation of natural resources until a coherent mechanism of implementation of local content development is achieved (with the active participation of the communities) guaranteeing in few years a real welfare upgrade.  

Best wishes, Evelyn