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Before I comment, I would like clarity on the following: 1. what do you consider political and social instability? 2. what is the current investment climate in Liberia and what are your yard-stake?

What I observe in this peace is a mixed of information with no reference or source. Some of the assertions made may be true and others completely out of reality. I agree that corruption, accountability and selective justice are clearly visible; but these are also prevalent event in stable countries. Reconciliation after the long years conflict is still a challenge which poses a bit of threats. When one speaks of problem in Liberia's natural resources, I expect to hear/see weak institution capacities and political will (to some extend). For the fact that many of the concessions signed gave less in term of SOCIOECONOMIC IMPACT. From my personal review  some major agreements (petroleum and mining), the chapter and clauses on 'Local Content' (employment, capacity development, procurement, knowledge and technology transfer etc) are unclear, non-specific, and inadvertently gave more room for concessionaires to circumvent those areas in their interest. These among others I think have the potential to create economic insecurity. You made an effort but not orderly or supported by facts ............. I currently work on Resources Governance in Liberia and based in Monrovia. Many of these facts are right in my hand, so rethink beyond assertions.

Nice piece...however wondering what are the basis of these assertions made. I guess most of these assertions are based on mere assumptions with either little or no investigation/research. If you've been following happenings in the natural resource sector of Liberia you will agree with me that despite the obvious challenges that remain, tremendous reform have taken place in the sector .

Unless you are actively engaged in the Natural resource sector in Liberia, I find your article filled with assumptions, assertions, and informationbased upon conjecture and misinformation.

Ciata A. Bishop