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Hi David, thank you very much for this piece of work. I have got particular interest in it and thinking of the possibility of replicating it in my country, Liberia. As a matter of fact, I am about completing my studies in mineral and energy economics at Curtin University here in Australia. I have learnt a lot about similar modeling and have come to realize that it is a major tool used by companies and investors in decision making about their investments. To a large extent, I think it tends to place the investors in a better position than governments since they subject these models to various rigorous scenarios and sensitivity analysis which give them a clearer picture of what the future would look like given economic parameters. 

I would appreciate further collaboration in this regard, particularly of the possibility of engaging in similar venture for Liberia. I will be completing my studies in 3months time and returning to Liberia right after. My contact is Email:, Tel: +61469860833.