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Dear Thomas,

You can basically add the DRC to your list of countries. A Congolese NGO published a report (in French) in October 2016 which case studied two mining companies based in Kolwezi on the real impact for local communities of their social investments.

One of the conclusions of the report was that mining companies often direct their social investments as a function of political demands to the detriment of local communities around mine sites. So the result could be a school built 700km away from the mine, or the refurbishment of part of a hospital 350km away, or local airport improvements, that clearly will not directly benefit poor communities around mine sites.

What's worse is that the report analysed the legal obligations of these mining companies, rather than CSR programmes. So apart from CSR programmes that aim to address those 'with the greatest capacity to disrupt operations rather than those with the greatest need' the fundamental tenants of law are not even being respected in the interests of maintaining political connections.