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This is really good! It will be very helpful to civil society's capacity and its effective participation in the sector.

Thanks and best,


Hi Jed, this link is incredible. I actually stumbled upon this very link sometime last week and I have decided to talk with our founder about what we can do tomorrow (Friday march 8th). 

Our organizations is relatively small but we have contacts in many parts throughout West Africa and I will see what can be done in terms of mobilizing a collaborative journalism program. 

If you have the time, I would suggest you take a look at our site for what we specialize in and see if there is anything in particular you might need from us. 

Thanks again fro reaching out. I will let you know soon about the details.

The Best,


Stephen, we'd be very interested to learn more and to see how we might collaborate in the growth and evolution of the contract tool and its potential uses in Sierra Leone and elsewhere. Revenue Watch has a media training program around extractives (focusing to date on Ghana and Uganda, with recent work in Tanzania and Guinea too -- see links) so we may want to connect you with our Accra-based colleagues.

Let's email in the days to come. 


Hi Jed, my name is Steve Woodward and I work for an Oil Transparency group called the West Africa oil Watch.

We are in the process of establishing a new journalism workshop in Sierra Leone and after reading this article, referring to the website and reading the Sierra Rutile Agreement, I would like to see if your efforts might be able to use our resources as we could provide follow up reports on the actions of the involved companies and their potential obligations set forth in the contract towards civil society - if any.. 

Please let me know what we can do to facilitate your efforts as we will do anything we can.

Take Care,

Steve Woodward

West Africa Oil Watch