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I am Liberian. But I love Ghana. I pray that the politicians of Ghana do better with the oil wealth than the military did withoil in Nigeria. Governing Africa well and improving the well being of the poor in Africa is the surest way to show the rest of the world the black man is capable of governing his people well.
This is good news to many Ghanians but this is happening at the time Ghana's parliament is about to debate a Petroleum commission legislation which lacks the independence of the commission as well as transparency in the operations of the commission. Ghana must set an example of a Comission which does not give room to politicization of petroleum commission as the bill seeks to do, giving the president descretionary powers to appoint who he likes to the governing board. The best way out is to make institutional representations to the governing board such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ghana Maritime Authority , the Fisheries Commission and civil society.