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Out of many films kindly submitted by GOXIans, 9 films were selected.  For each film, there is a principal reviewer. Check the initial reviews on the movie Blood Diamond by Cindy Kroon and Kobina Aidoo:  We invite you to post your review in the comment space  about the art of the film and, more important, the substance of the issues raised.
The HBO series Deadwood raises lots of the issues surrounding informal gold mining communities and also reminds us that it occurred in "developed countries" just as it is in developing countries now - albeit it in an over-dramatized way.
Just seen this, let me add, the documentary; "Blessing or Curse: Oil and Uganda's Future" done by AFIEGO early this year...I have seen all the movies suggested by my colleagues and I think they are great contributions, spot-on in fact...


Here are some of Oxfam America's EI-related videos.


  • Lifeblood at Risk on the rush to mine for copper in the mountains of northern Peru.
  • Standing up for Justice interviews one of the 27 people who were tortured and detained when they peacefully protested Rio Blanco Copper Mine in Peru.
  • A New Generation looks at the environmental threats and economic opportunities of the Camisea gas project in Peru.
  • Water is Life looks at how the proposed Rio Blanco Copper mine will contaminate water supplies.
  • Sabodala: Poverty in a Land of Gold is about a gold mine in Senegal displacing farmers from their fields.
  • Follow the Money, a short animation highlighting the need for  oil revenue transparency.
  • Spirit of the Forest interviews a woman who is helping indigenous communities affected by mining in Cambodia defend their rights.

"On Deadly Ground" about oil in Alaska. Funny to see '90s action movies again!

Also a documentary by the National Geographic Channel on the Alaska Oil Pipeline - gives a nice view on the pumping/infrastructure/machinery necessary to get the oil out of the ground. You can watch the full documentary in the link.


Bollywood! Kaala Patthar, about a coal miner. Includes great Bollywood songs.


Mining for Change: A Story of South African Mining - I haven't seen it myself, but it's a documentary about the current nationalization debate in South Africa.

And of course, the ultimate movie on artisanal mining, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart.  I've never seen it but googled Nostromo, Conrad's famous novel on silver mining, and see that a mini-series was done in 1996 with an all-star cast.  Will have to try and get it.

The 2007 epic "There Will Be Blood" is a good movie. It depicts the early stages of the oil industry in California, showing how oil entrprenuership mingles with conflict, greed, exploitation and alienation. It should be interesting to watch. The other is the 1956 epic "Giant" about capitalism in Texas pitting the family of a cattle baron and that of an oil baron.