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Thanks Gizel for the thought-provoking comment. We are not sitting idle for the worst manifestations of the resource curse to happen. Through writing and advocacy, we are pushing for changes that are bound to Ghana.

Mr. Tony Paul in a lesson with journalists in Ghana has said Trinidad and Tobago is contributing so much in terms of the local content policy for Ghana. That's good for Ghana. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the few successful oil producers.

Ghana will get there!

Stephen, I guess as the saying goes 'who feels it knows it" and that you are in a position to feel the pending resource curse potential of your country. However, do you not want to cut Ghana some slack and lean to the argument that with vigilant persons like yourself that the 'rescource curse' will not come Ghana's way. Your article raises poignant issues especially when it comes to 'unaddressed and unkept promises' by politicians. What Ghana shouldwork on now(which as we speak a contingent is in my country Trinidad and Tobago hoping to to have us partner with Ghana in areas of monetizing and overall management of the resource) is find more persons and countries with the 'knowhow and partner with them and take baby steps in developing its iindustry.