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This is good news indeed! Hope this time the realisation that natural resources are finite will cause this time Government leaders to start planning more creatively and responsibly for future generations. If the current economic opportunity provided by reprocessing the old dumps in an environmentally responsible manner is not used to invest in alternative livelihoods, the future of Kabwe remains bleak. The Central Province and its capital Kabwe have a huge agricultural potential. 

Hi, Mulya Jules thanks for your comments.  Mining is an opportunity for Central Province - in all its different forms, including reclaiming minerals from mine tailings - but repeated efforts to achieve large scale employment in mining there have not borne much fruit, at least so far.  The agricultural potential of the region is vast, as you correctly state, and the government is keen to see inclusive economic growth develop around agricultural linkages/ supply chains/ markets, and not just the primary business of growing crops etc. 

btw- it was great reading your DRC blog re. mining companies there being referred to as "NGOs" locally, and the reason why that happens!  What is your take on Randgold's Kibali mine in Kivu?  There are big claims made in its favour, see link below, what is your take on those claims?

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Thanks, Daniel Gilbert, for that encouraging info on what the Zambian Government has in mind. I just hope all stakeholders involved understand that it will take commitment and determination that transcend electoral cycles and individuals to achieve those development goals. It is sad that we've often seen sound development plans abandoned because national leadership has changed!