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Good news Tanzania and Kenya to have decided to have sovereign wealth funds established to handle future flows of national oil and/or natural gas revenues. The approach is important for all mineral rich African countries where private sectors are still underdeveloped and incorporating negligible fractions of their populations through stock markets, and therefore unable to participate meaningfully in the development of mineral resources and serve interests of their nations throughout generations most effectively. Governments in these countries would participate in oil and/or natural gas development to maximize their shares of oil and/or gas revenues for investing in the sovereign wealth funds which would serve development of local private sectors and their incorporation of local citizens through stock markets throughout generations the non-renewable revenues belong to. I would expect all Government shares of non-renewable mineral revenues other than oil and/or gas revenues to be deposited in these funds as well to ensure they would always be availabe and serving all generations they belong to. There are many ways the sovereign wealth funds born from non-renewable oil and/or gas and other mineral revenues could serve the interests of generations sustainably but, having them serving loans for interest to the Governments investing in the development of infrastructures to support private sector investing and citizens investing for economic growth could be the most effective. Without the infrastructures which support private sector investing in place, even the little local private sector earns from participating in local oil and/or gas development also ends up invested abroad where support infrastructure exists. Was very much interested to know How Kenya and Tanzania have planned to operate the sovereign wealth funds they are establishing.