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А Title: ‘’Launch of PWYP-Canada's New Report: Many Ways to Lose a Billion: How Governments nations Fail to Secure a Fair Share of Natural Resource Wealth’’ would make it more understandable and/or universal.

Simply because the title’s governments’ fаir share of natural resources wealth (usually in the form of taxes) is not what represents the content’s countries’ fаir share of the their non renewable natural resources wealth mostly harvested by the international private rather than public sector operating for profits and taxes for the countries where they re harvesting and of their origin, and that the maximum countries could make in the form of mineral taxes is often not much of the maximum they could make in the form of the mineral profits .

Consequently countries especially the mineral rich underdeveloped countries are not securing fаir share of their natural resources wealth mainly because their over-reliance on taxes from its foreign exploitation rather than from both mineral profits that local participation in its exploitation would realize and mineral taxes.

Moreover, I think less government’s share of natural resources wealth for more profits to citizen’s participation in its harvesting means more for the government and the country.

Otherwise, clarification of what governments and countries fаir shares of natural resources wealth mean here would be appreciated.