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Hi, Jeff:  Great post.  It's really exciting to read about this, so thanks so much for sharing on GOXI.  

Jeff and I have already been in touch on this, but to note to other community members that the EI Source Book has a specific webpage for Local Content (petroleum as well as mining - the subject of Jeff's post, specifically), and that this can be found at:

Also, to note that the whole of Chapter 5 of the EI Source Book (the above is section 5 of Chapter 5) has  over 400 Resources listed (see right-hand side of webpage, scroll down a bit to view if need be) of which 28 are Local Content downloads. The site is completely free to access and has no log-in requirement at all.

May I hereby invite other GOXIans to share their online resources re. minerals sector local content - I know that there is plenty out there!

Hi Jeff,

I have had some involvement in this area over the last 20 years.  
You might want to get the story of the local earthmoving company on Lihir island (PNG).  Was called Lakaka - now has a different name.  was a local indigenous company - now a real, regional mining services contractor.   Is a story of a 15/20 year journey.  
Be interested to see the scorebook of what is really done.