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Thank you for this analysis, Mendee. It is very timely and thought-provoking. I think professionals, practitioners, scholars and policy-makers working both in and outside Mongolia can benefit from your analysis and perspective. I had the privilege and pleasure of living and working in Mongolia for more than 15 years, including working closely on various mining-sector related issues and projects. Your use of Erdenet as a focal point for analysis of key lessons, learnings, risks, and opportunities is relevant and refreshing. In all my years being connected with Mongolia (now 22 years and counting), I have always been struck by the conspicuous dearth of public discussions and debate, and also of scholarly analysis, about Erdenet as a salient -- perhaps the most salient -- prism through which to understand, study, learn and apply lessons from mining in Mongolia for sustainable development and governance. I will be at the Mongolia Mining Forum on March 8 connected with PDAC, and if you are too, I hope we can discuss this further. Thank you!