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Hi Dr. Massawe,

thanks for these crucial insights. I think the suggestion for a common minerl policy is a good one. Actually there exists a common framework, the Africa Mining Vision of the AU. Recently the Africa Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) was esteblished to promote implementation of the AMV through country mining visions that are based on the same principles. I believe the AMV answers to most of your questions above and you might want to have a look at the web page: The AMV Action Plan has 9 clusters and is quite comprehensive with regards to the challenges you mention.

In my project in West Africa we use the AMV as the major framework of reference for our activities as this vision has been endorsed by the African Heads of States. The 9 clusters of the action plan are very helpful in thinking about what still needs to be done to use mining for the sustainable development of the African continent. No country has to reinvent the wheel while developing their own country vision. The AMV and its action plan actually tell you most you need to know.

All best,