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Hi Kelly

Thanks for sharing Sir Paul Collier's thoughts on CSR.The trouble is, very few Community Relations practitioners attend fora such as The Indaba; Paul Collier spoke mostly to executives who are still struggling with the basic principles of integrating community relations into core business issues particularly in the extractive industry. They'd typically not be very keen to give their CSR managers such exposure lest they become more assertive and starts demanding too much! Their presence would help a lot through interacting with another develop this new science of Stakeholder Outreach, in addition to the work being done by think-tanks such as GOXI

It's obvious that the wind of change is unstoppable and those who choose to stubbornly refuse to read the writing on the wall will simply pay the price.

I just regret that not much is publicly said about the responsibility of Governments, who are key stakeholders; it's particularly critical in areas of weak governance where companies are wrongly perceived as de facto governments and are made to take on responsibilities that are way beyond their scope. I wish Sir Paul Collier as a former World Bank man, very familiar with challenges to business caused by poor governance, could share his thoughts on this as well.