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This is a timely report considering that the impact of investments on citizen's livelihoods has resulted in impoverishment of the concerned citizens
Involuntary displacement of people's across many developing countries is causing significant impoverishment. What happened to the option of allowing landowners in the various countries to contribute their land as part of their investment contributions to the investment proposed. This way landowners would be entitled to a share in the investment and would avoid impoverishment. Any deserving government that has the interest of its citizens would consider this as an option presented to project affected people or landowners

This report is not only reflecting the plight of communities affected by Benga coal mine in Muzambique but also other developing countries which possess such minerals. In most cases, mineral mining governments do not develop comprehensive policy to address the needs of the affected communities as a result people become vulnerable in terms of food, shelter, health and education. Therefore, this report will in addressing the existing gaps of the affected communities in mining areas in Africa.