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The problem often seen with these policy recommendations is that they are heavy on platitudes ratrher than specifics. For example, how much control is "is a degree of direct state control over mineral resource development ( as in the USA, etc) "?  Besides, the political economies of resource development in the USA or China or Japan are quite different from Mozambique. In addition has any state control of its mineral resource exploration not been considered anathematic to sane resource management by most experts? Traditionally market forces have considered best for determining levels of mineral exploration for economic development.

The problem in these small developing countries ( of Africa) is that there have not yet emerged a cadre of seansoned home-grown  resource development policy analysts to guide the politicians with decision making on issues of such importance as natural resources development. Regional collaborations can aid in alleviating this skill shortage by tapping into neighboring countries' experiences in specific areas.

Eng. Ahmed Finoh, MPA

North Carolina/USA