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I expected STATOIL and TPDC would refute the allegation which is a huge embarrassment to the two (Norwegian and Tanzanian) State owned companies and disappointment to Tanzanians who had so much trust on both of them. The failure of STATOIL and TPDC to refute immediately could be understood as indication of truth in the allegations. What should be done in response to confirmation of truth in the allegations? I suggest correction of content should be made immediately in order to obtain a reviewed PSA which means a win-win for both state owned companies.

STATOIL and TPDC: Please respond to the serious allegation here.

It is not possible common Tanzanians could helped the Government and the country out of these bad mineral contracts which are negotiated, endorsed and held in secret on excuse that such are confidential documents of the Government and the Companies involved. Most in the public already heard of the leak but unable to comment because they haven’t read the Contract for the verification of allegation. It is not the first time Tanzania has suffered from bad mineral contracts. All mineral rights which changed hands before the sale of uranium properties from MANTRA to Uranium One didn’t pay the Capital Gain Taxes they were supposed to pay because the Contacts were also negotiated, endorsed and held in secret as confidential documents, therefore denying the public and their parliament the opportunity to scrutinize them and advice on the Gaps. Publishing the drafts of Mineral Development Agreements for public scrutiny and Parliament endorsement before the Government could sign is the only sure way bad mineral contracts could be avoided in the mineral rich developing countries like Tanzania.