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Ahmed - I agree with your points.  I think the tendency in the past has been able to consider these issues as technical ones, but that is not sufficient without considering the governance context and ensuring deals are done in the interests of the country as you state.

I agree, too, with Eduardo's point on the need for government to help create those linkages to long term development needs.

I'm guessing that the organizers will release a report of the discussons. I would keep an eye on the Vale Columbia Center website.


Will GOXIANS have access to the deliberations of this workshop on( extractives) Contract Negotiation Support for developing Host Countries?

We are intrigued when we learn from you that

"it has come clearly to  many of the leading experts deliberating that ...governance... is at the heart of ensuring good outcomes.."

Don't you think that one would expect the deliberations to begin on the expectation of a good governance foundation for any meaningful  work on contractural issues? 

The viability of any contract depends on the abilities and sincerity and credibilities of the parties to it. The problem in developing countries is that contracts are negotiated and entered into with politicians rather than the State.

Such conferencies should be first about catalyzing governance such that good -faith contracts are drawn in the interest of the Country to sustainably manage the people's natural resources.  

Great initiative, I assume you are using the framework proposed by the World Economic Forum regarding the "Mineral Development Agreements".

However your main question remains... How to bring longer term to this deals? My first guess (which is probably the most common) is that this depends on the governments involvement and planning, the mining companies have a clear exploitation schedule and it is not attached with the social realities, therefore is up to the government to create bridges to encompass the business agenda with the long term "social space" of the area.