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I am very sad for the people of  Kanungu and Rukungiri. Other than Norway, I am not aware of any oil producing country that has made the revenues from oil benefit the oil-bearing communities. Whether the oil be found in Holland, England or the US. The story is the same. Not to talk of Africa nad the Middle East. The innocence of these peace ful rural folks has just been murdered. They are now pawns in the highstake chess game of revenue and resource appropriation and sequestration. I doubt if the supposed socilaist or welfarist ideological traits in Museveni will be enough to save them.

No actually, I think have just been sucked into the International vortex oil oligarchy, where the only thing that matters is "how much can I lay hold of ahead of my competition?" Or put another way, "how can my greed be satisfied at the expense of the people of Kanungu and Rukungiri, the new pawns on my chess board?"  

If anything , rather than rejoicing, they should put on sackcloth and douse themselves in ashes and mourn. Then they should pray that God in His infinite mercy will take awaythe fingers of evil oligarchs from  their oil. It's not yet "uhuru" for them. It is the beginning of their being further thrusted down the poverty ladder. The vultures (local and international) have just found another prey. Let us join them in weeping!