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 Fortunately, there is growing awareness by African states on the need to get an equitable share of their mineral resources. While this is important, governments are also taking into account the interest of private companies. This is why it is key to engage minerals Buying Center as private companies with reforms for a common understanding hoping that this will have a dire effect on resource governance.Congrats !

Thanks for this note, Mr Oqwu. Very relevant and timely discussion. I whole-heartedly agree that formal buying centers can provide a very useful means for assisting the development of the solid minerals sector. In addition to buying minerals, these centers should also act as 'centers of excellent', training, and equipment supply for the ASM communities. I work for Pact Mines to Market, an International NGO operating in Nigeria - and we are very interested in partnering with government and mineral sector stakeholders in Nigeria to bring this vision into reality.  I expect to be in Nigeria again in February and would be happy to meet stakeholders on the subject. Daniel Stapper, Senior Program Officer for Gold, with Pact Mines to Market.