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Hi Jeff,

thanks, this is a very interesting piece of work. The main challenge seems to be the lack of comparability of the data companies are reporting. This starts with different definitions, different categories and so on. You might find the socrecard system the Sierra Leone Local Content Unit is currently preparing interesting. It will increase transparency quite a lot.

I would be very interested to discuss with you if global reporting standards on local content are actually feasible. Can you send me your Email address?


Great to see this report, I have seen many practical failures in countries that were just developing its mining industry & even in other parts of Africa were its more established.

One of the key issues once again corruption, but also chronically underestimating of logistics skills, customs processing, infrastructure capacity required by suppliers and mining companies. Fit for purpose and more engineered approach than a accounting approach usually leads to a far better outcome. And really reduces cost.

Another thing is also assisting developing countries with getting there legislation online in clear & easy to understand registers.

There is also the trade off to be considered between expertise & quality of products sourced from local suppliers and foreign suppliers. It is good to see that this debate is not only an issue in developing countries, but also an ongoing issue in developed countries, where competitiveness between suppliers is a key driver to get these right for the relevant customers. If local suppliers become more competitive & have the advantage to deal with relevant legislation & organisations quicker they will develop into a good additional source of local income & tax revenue.