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Hi Subhasis,

Those links are interesting. I ask as I am going to start a Phd on the area of project finance, mining and resettlement issues and was thinking tentatively about looking at India as one case study (as well as one or two African countries).


Hi Kinnari,

there are many conflicts happening- vedanta at niyamgiri is the most famous one- for mining bill and suggested amendments by civil society see

At XIMB ( we are trying to talk about the need for research and documentation of this contested space.

Thanks Subhasis. The question of what is 'public purpose' in the first place is a key one as that really is I think the key issue. Prior to this I take it resettlement and compensation has been done on a very 'ad hoc' basis in India. Are there any ongoing resettlement related disputes in India in the mining sector which are going to the courts? 

Also you mention a mining bill which proposes that companies spent 26% of net profit on affected communities. This is a lot and if it goes through the big job would be enforcement and implementation. Do you have a copy of this or know where I can obtain one please?

Nice talking to you and thanks.


Hi. This looks very interesting. How could I find out more about what is going on in India at the moment in the domain of resettlement please? Many thanks. Kinnari