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Interesting post Michael. Two questions to follow up:

1. You note that the MACRA tool is to be applied in formal domains. Then what about the obtention of titles for miners that are informal but in the process of formalisation, typically an ASM operator, is MACRA an adapted methodology in this context? 

2. You mention its deployment to Madagascar, any idea when it will be done or when the results would be made public? Or any contact point? 

Thanks for the insights!

Hello Nicolas,thanks for your questions. My response for each question is below:

1. The MACRA tool is certainly applicable in this scenario provided the ASM operator has begun the process of formalising its operation - E.g. Lets say an ASM operator put in a mining award application to acquire a title/license - then the adoption of the tool in this context is feasible and meaningful. At this stage, the tool can be used to identify and assess potential corruption risks that can distort the formalisation process [mining award process] that the ASM operator is required to go through to obtain a title.

2. The project was officially luanched in Madagascar just last week by Transparency International Madagascar (TI-M). For details, please follow this link:

I hope this (response) helps you.