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Thanks to Andrew. The guidance contributed here is full of useful options mineral rich developing countries like Tanzania could consider in their formulation of Policies to ensure optimal utilization of the Sovereign Wealth Funds they intend to establish from oil and natural gas. I’m not yet in a position to say which one of the options described here is the best fit for the mineral rich developing countries because not yet completed reading through in detail. Even though, I always thought that for the developing countries, such Funds should cover the revenues generated from all minerals rather than from oil and/natural gas extraction alone. A cumulative Fund from all minerals would be significant, and therefore capable in serving big in the economies of mineral rich developing countries. I also thought that utilization of such Funds in the servicing of the economies should be sustainable on consideration that mineral resources are a non-renewable natural wealth of all in the generations of the developing countries, and therefore should be utilized in a way which benefits them all. Therefore, for the mineral rich developing countries like Tanzania, my choice would be the option meaning utilization of the Sovereign Wealth Funds in the form of loans servicing for interest to the economies of the mineral rich developing countries. Governments investing in the development of their national infrastructures for attracting investments and Private sectors investing in the national economies could benefit from the Funds. The Funds will be growing as they serve in the form of loans for interest to the economies sustainably. \ The rules which govern the investing of Social Security Funds could be emulated in the ensuring optimal minimization of risks in the issuance of loans from the Sovereign Wealth Funds. I think the newcomer oil and natural gas (minerals) producing countries like Tanzania could still come up with new formulations which are  more effective than all existing in the governance Sovereign Wealth Funds Utilization eslewhere.