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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) shouldn’t be selling too much of its sovereign rights on the world class mineral prospects it is given with at a throwaway price. The buyers simply sell to others at a proper price and earn profits many times the monies they paid to buy from the Congolese Government or use the rights they bought at a throwaway price as collateral for loan taking to pay for a value addition exploration which enables to sell to others at prices which are many times the sum of monies spent on buying the rights from the Congolese Government and the value addition exploration. Instead of the selling of its sovereign rights on the world class mineral prospects gifted with, the Congolese Government should used the same as collateral for loans taking (like the buying companies are doing with them) to pay for the value additions enabling to earn huge profits from the sovereign rights. Congolese Government could also used its sovereign rights as collateral for loans taking to finance its high return infrastructural projects like in power generation repeatedly and earn profits which are more than the market values of the sovereign shares of the world class mineral deposits still in its hands. If requested, that's is what I would advised my neighbor-DRC.