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EITI is a genuine hot topic in developing countries and very low profile almost to the point of invisibility in countries like the UK, where I am based, even amongst many people working in the extractive industries.  Indeed, the whole concept of "extractive industries" is poorly understood here - for example, mining companies who are quarrying out aggregate materials almost universally consider themselves as part of the "construction" sector, despite the fact that there is nothing conceptually different from an open cast coal mine and an open pit for quarrying out aggregates for onward use in cement or concrete.

The Steve Weston Prize topic for 2013 was: "Discuss whether the implementation of the EITI by developed nations and the EU's transparency related initiatives, such as Chapter 10 of the Directive 2013/34 EC, will help or hinder the sustainable development of resource rich nations".  Despite not entering myself, I would be interested to read the winning response (any GOXIan have this to share?), but my personal take on reading the above question two years ago was that that such EITI implementation in developed nations would neither significantly help nor hinder “the sustainable development of resource rich nations”, assuming that this meant developing nations that are resource-rich endowed.  Simply put, I fail to see the connection between high-salience high-visibility EITI in countries such as Malawi and the exact opposite in countries like the UK where most people in the industry seem to be engineers with little or no interest in resource transparency …. that was meant as a deliberately provocative & partly tongue-in-cheek statement, btw, so please come back at me if you think it’s unfair!

So, Martin: “Keep your eye on EITI”?  Perhaps, but it’s far more interesting to do so away from these European shores, I fear.  “Lilongwe, I’m (more than) a few hours away, I am (not) coming home to stay…” (song, adapted from the original).

Daniel you are quite correct it would appear that EITI country activity is " far more interesting.... away from these European shores".  Except that many people also hold the view that we have very little corruption (to talk of) in the UK? I'll leave that one for now but what I would say is EITI UK MSG is becoming more interesting, for example it looks like PWYP's closed (some might say rigged) model of control over access to the EITI is cracking. There are also other interesting developments example  the Crown Estate  which may on paper be exempt from Beneficial Ownership and tax declarations but it isn't going to look good hiding in the shade but OTOH the royal Family tend not fare well in strong sunlight!