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Great reporting Benjamin!

I am particularly interested in this story because of what the Ghanaian model represents for the West African region. Ghana's relatively unique “Institutional” success  has made the country home to potential schemes for others in the region to try. It is clear that there is no paucity of institutions to accompany the mining industry in Ghana, but from your reporting the communities seem unable to get help from the EPA which has become a docile research division without any real coercive power. The country has made significant progress in establishing a judicial body that supports the industry, are there avenues for the people to take legal action? What about local politicians (those in the opposition parties), are they vocal about this issue? 

Feel free to correct my assessment of the country if needed.



Hi, Benjamin

Excellent.  I have uploaded this to Resources, Analysis and Strategies (see right hand side of webpage) throughout Chapter 9 of the Source Book, see

It is also the Additional Reading link at the bottom of page

as per my original GOXI post below.

Hope this is OK - happy to take amends.




Benjamin, thanks for sharing this.

One suggestion: in the first paragraph you refer to 'Western Region' as the location for your study, in particular the area of Dumase. I take it that this is Western Region in Ghana? This should be mentioned up-front, as I had to read quite a few pages of the document before finding out what country was referred to.

Secondly, would you like me to save thsi document as a pdf and upload it the Sustainable Development, Challenges and Special Issues webpage, , of the Extractive Industries Source Book? Please advise.

Kind regards, Daniel