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Will all the comments submitted be posted publicly? How does the index measure the translation of good policy into good policy implementation? What role civil society play in verifying the 'accuracy of the facts' used in the index?


Thanks for your interest Claire! Well, we will indeed report publicly about all the comments/recommendations received. If you have read the draft methodology, I am sure you have seen the 3 Measurement Areas we will be using to assess the different issue ares: commitment, action and effectiveness. If you have time, please send us your comments at, it would be much appreciated, and we could surely give you answers in more details! We will review all the recommendations when the deadline for submission is reached (24 march 2017) and do our best to adjust the final methodology. Cheers

Hi Pierre, Thanks for responding. I am sorry that my question was not clear, I am wondering whether  all the comments received will be posted publicly? Ie. Are comments submitted posted directly on your website? Before we decide whether to invest in submitting a comment, my other question are 1) what role do civil society play in verifying the accuracy of the data/validating results? and 2) Who is the user community for this index? Thanks for all the help. Cheers.

Dear Claire, sorry for this late answer, I have been travelling since. But yes, all comments and recommendations we have been receiving and will receive will be published at the end of the public comment period: 24th March 2017. We expect the Index to be useful for all stakeholders and decision-makers, with the ultimate beneficiaries being communities and workers. Hope you'll have some time to have a look at the draft methodology. Cheers