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This is all welcome, but of course very well known to the UK government. It is disappointing that PWYP is boycotting the UK EITI process on the basis that it is prepared only to "make reference to", rather than guarantee, the desirability of diversity, gender equality and local community representation upon the UK EITI multistakeholder group. It is notable that every UK personality mentioned in your release above  is white, and so is every senior official at PWYP and all of your constituent NGO members. This in spite of the UK's great diversity and the obvious interest in the EITI amongst people of African heritage. 

Civil society bodies represented upon the UK MSG urge PWYP to take seriously the importance of diversity, gender balance and local community representation; and hope PWYP will take a more responsible position now on the future of the UK MSG. 

It is relevant in all of this, however, that while you commend the UK Government for its excellent leadership on the matter of transparency on the extractives sectors, PWYP is boycotting the UK EITI process.