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Thanks for your comment. This was presented to some government ministers in Accra. I didn't receive a positive response.    Leaders think they know best and don't trust the people. Same in the US.

Hi Susan,

The strategy to clamp down or extirpate corruption as you have proposed is feasible. I have been involved with both the civil society and the media in Ghana on issues in the extractives. I have raised salient issues in the oil sector through media publications and have had significant impact by drawing public attention. I have made more than 30 publications in the oil sector and part of the 7 journalists trained by Revenue Watch Institute on oil reporting.


The strategy is therefore laudable and have to be tried and tested in the country. Early signs of revenue management reveals some teething challenges regarding corruption. May be a blog post and the anonymous tweet will impact on challenging leaders against corruption.

I am still contributing to media publication by raising important issues that border on revenue management. Example is the recent 15 million dollars paid by KOSMOS ENERGY to GNPC that has been secret. I started raising the issue whether that money included a fine imposed on Kosmos regarding its spillage of mud into the jubilee field waters.

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