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Apologies for this bleated follow up on the lively discussions last week in Jakarta - which was spiced up by the EU announcement and by the Australian government announcement of its new mining initiative.  We covered a lot of useful territory highlighting knowledge gaps and country level needs. Among the issues raised: public spending efficiency of extractive revenues, and transparency of revenue flows down to the local level, transfer pricing in the sector, and issues around land rights.

Among the suggestions - foster a network of East Asia regional partners to support exchange of experience and customizing of good practice, increase use of spatial planning, and create a reference group of CSOs to prioritize and translate technical documentation to be more readily understandable to local audiences.

Harmonisation of Transparency Requirements (European Union), news 25.10.11:

European Union (EU) internal market Commissioner Michel Barnier has put forward mandatory rules for all companies (within EU jurisdiction) to provide a breakdown of all outlays to state authorities.

If approved (by the EU Parliament and Member States), then firms would be required to reveal how much they pay governments in individual oil, gas, mining and logging projects.

The EU press release on this subject from yesterday (25.10.11) is at

The main EU webpage for this story is at

The full proposal is at

And the executive summary of the impact assessment is at



Kindly resend the link to the EI Source Book document; "Fiscal Transparency and African Development".

The link below to the document appear to have an error in it, or perhaps its my computer's inability?

But I was able to retrieve the other document-"Crude Calculations."


Hi, Michael

Further to the above, GOXIans could be interest in viewing, also as a primer,  Chapter 4 of the Extractive Industries Source Book "Transparency and Accountability",

Specifically for Africa, the original and still the prime focus of GOXI, can I also suggest GOXIans view the following full text documents on this Source Book website:

1)  "Fiscal Transparency and African Development" at

2)  "Crude Calculations: the continued lack of transparency over oil in Sudan" at

Many thanks