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Indigenous Rights Program Manager at Equitable Origin

Reporting to the CEO, the Manager of the Assuring Indigenous Rights (AIR) Program will be responsible for the success of Equitable Origin (EO)’s Indigenous Rights Program and community engagement activities globally. The Manager will manage existing relationships and support staff as the program grows; and will be responsible for implementing the Indigenous Rights Program in line with EO’s strategic plan. The Manager is a core member of the EO team that drives the organization’s community engagement strategy and represents EO in various international, regional, and local fora to promote the program. Responsibilities will be focused in four areas: fundraising, program delivery, external partnerships, and communication.



  • Research potential funders and donors to support the growth of EO’s community engagement programs and lead the development of concept notes, applications, and full proposals.
  • Provide high quality funder reports, including budget reports, progress reports, and other information in line with funder requirements.
  • Be the main point of contact for funders and donors related to EO’s community engagement programs.
  • Attend and speak at meetings and conferences with potential funders, where applicable.
  • Identify opportunities to engage funders in the program activities e.g. organizing funder visits to programs, where applicable.

Program Management:

  • Work with EO’s CEO and Senior Advisors to develop EO’s strategy for evolving the Resource Hub for Strengthening Indigenous Rights, the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)360° tool and broader capacity-building programs and opportunities to support positive impact in communities affected by resource development.
  • Coordinate on-the-ground teams to develop work plans and deliver program activities according to grants and restricted funds.
  • Ensure quality of program delivery and implement monitoring and evaluation processes as appropriate.
  • Supervise EO’s community liaison managers in Ecuador and Peru, including establishing terms and ensuring proper invoicing and expense reporting practices.
  • Set up regular calls with key team members and partners as appropriate.
  • Track program expenditures against EO and grant budgets and work with EO admin staff to provide donor/funder reports and quarterly budget reports to the board.
  • The Manager has budgetary approval of up to $500.
  • Ensure that key project outcomes are evaluated and leveraged for maximum community and organizational impact.

External Relationships:

  • Collaborate with EO’s CEO and Senior Advisors to develop strategic partnerships to support EO’s community engagement programs.
  • Cultivate relationships with key partners, such as COICA, and manage and coordinate strategic partnerships other indigenous associations, NGOs, and local community-based organizations to support program activities.
  • Manage a global Community of Practice to provide input to test and improve the FPIC tool and other community engagement strategies.
  • Participate as EO’s representative in public speaking opportunities related to the Resource Hub, the FPIC tool and EO’s community engagement activities.
  • Document relationship management activity.


  • Work with EO team members to develop a communications strategy for EO’s community engagement activities.
  • Develop communications and social media content, and identify public relations opportunities to promote EO’s work with communities.
  • Develop the necessary systems, processes, and tools to better support the facilitation, collection, and sharing of knowledge that is generated by the programs.
  • Identify opportunities to and actively represent EO in local, regional and international events as appropriate.
  • Prepare appropriate materials to fully leverage event participation opportunities.
  • Coordinate and communicate effectively with EO team members and contractors.
  • Report internally and galvanize internal team support and technical input.
  • Provide regular updates to the EO Board on program activities.


  • Minimum of a BA in social, environmental or related field.
  • Advanced degree in international development, human rights, conflict resolution or related field preferred.
  • Five plus years of professional experience, including demonstrated operations and leadership; experience with community engagement and development projects in Latin America.
  • Demonstrated success developing, implementing and evaluating programs.
  • Proficient in using technology as a management tool and experience working with information technology staff to develop and implement program tools.
  • Skills managing complex, multifaceted projects and teams resulting in measurable successes and program growth.
  • Experience working with a high-performance, collaborative, constructive peer group.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to details.
  • Bilingual/fluency in Spanish and English.
  • Strong analytical skills; basic business intuition; and common sense.

If interested please send CV and cover letter to Soledad Mills, smills@equitableorigin.org

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