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Call for Expressions of Interest - World Bank Global Initiative on Contract Transparency in Mining

World Bank is seeking International Non-Governmental Organization(s) (NGO’s) with interventions designed to support the governance of the mining sector, by…


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Elaboration d'un cadre national de réinstallation par le Gouvernement guinéen pour la prévention des conflits

Au fur et à mesure que les projets relatifs aux mines, à l'énergie, aux infrastructures et à l'agriculture s’étendent, ils empiètent lentement sur les collectivités existantes. C'est pourquoi nous entendons de plus en plus souvent parler de " déplacement involontaire " et de " réinstallation " lors de l'élaboration des projets. Ces termes sont souvent associés à de graves implications pour les personnes affectées et les entreprises responsables de tels impacts. C'est la raison pour laquelle…


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Mark Robinson: My vision for the EITI

This blog is based on introductory remarks delivered by EITI Executive Director Mark Robinson, to the 42nd EITI Board in Kyiv. He lays out his reflections since he took up his role in November and offers his vision for the organisation moving forward. 

As I reach the 100-day mark since I stepped into my position as EITI…


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India: Minerals are a Shared Inheritance

India’s National Mineral Policy 2019 says: “natural resources, including minerals, are a shared inheritance where the state is the trustee on behalf of the people to ensure that future generations receive the benefit of inheritance. State Governments will endeavour to ensure that the full value of the extracted minerals is received by the State.” 

This is acknowledgement that (i) future generations…


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Ukraine’s revolution against corruption and hidden ownership

Authored by Ines Schjolberg Marques and Indra Thévoz

Four lessons learned from the journey towards beneficial ownership transparency in Ukraine

Considering Ukraine’s pioneering efforts on extractives transparency, it is hardly surprising that Kyiv was chosen to host the …


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The EITI’s quiet revolution

Authored by Sam Bartlett

On the eve of the 42nd EITI Board Meeting in Kyiv, EITI Ukraine hosted a roundtable on the EITI’s transition from a focus on EITI reporting toward encouraging systematic disclosure

A …


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Building on Kyiv: Next steps for gender and resource governance

Authored by Rebecca Iwerks

Rebecca Iwerks is the Director of Capacity Development at the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and works to develop curriculum to help actors translate research into effective policy change.

The changes to the EITI Standard approved by the EITI Board in Kyiv last week represent a significant step towards making natural resource governance more gender-inclusive. The EITI’s 52 member states are now required to…


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Identifying and Clarifying Environmental Policy Best Practices for the Mining Industry–A Systematic Review

Gold mining has for several decades contributed to the socio-economic development of many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, but it has also caused considerable environmental damage and human health concerns in mining communities. However, despite the extensive proliferation of policies and programs aimed at addressing the adverse environmental impact of mining, limited attention has so far been paid to identifying what might constitute environmental policy best practices across…


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Revisiting Corruption Risks in Mining Award Process: A MACRA Tool Approach

Globally, the extractive sector can be a source of livelihood for local people, supports regional development, and helps to boost national economies. However, the sector does have serious institutional and behavioural weaknesses. It is the poorest people, living in the mining areas, who are particularly vulnerable when the mining sector and their governments fail them.  

A number of organisations have grown in recent years to tackle corruption at every stage of the mining value chain.…


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A forgotten people on a not so forgotten land: Travails of the Turkana living with oil on their land

I spent a week in Turkana. A most depressing week on the vast, parched and barren Turkana land. Arriving in Turkana, there are no illusions- it is a harsh place, intolerably hot with little vegetative cover. And yet, this land, most barren- yielded an oil resource that holds the potential to transform the lives of not just the Turkana, but the lives of many Kenyan citizens.

Tullow Oil, with government oversight, has been actively developing the project from as far back as 2012. The…


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Report: The Urgency to Control Coal Production and Export in Indonesia

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) of Indonesia already set the national target of this year coal production of 480 million ton (CNBC, 2019). The figure is slightly lower than the 2018 target,…

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Kenya Proposes Transparent, but Risky, New Sovereign Wealth Fund

by Andrew Bauer, Silas Olang and David Mihalyi

In February, Kenya’s government released a draft law that would establish a new sovereign wealth fund. The fund would channel the nation’s petroleum and mineral revenues to three “components”:…


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Development of a National Resettlement Framework for the Guinean Government for Conflict Mitigation

As mining, energy, infrastructure and agricultural projects expand, they slowly encroach upon existing communities. Due to this, we increasingly hear the terms ‘involuntary displacement’ and ‘resettlement’ being used during project development. These terms are often associated with serious implications for both the affected people and companies creating the impact. It is for this reason the Government of Guinea has initiated a process to develop a national Resettlement Framework. A team of…


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Breaking new ground at EITI - and looking ahead to the global conference in June

By Elisa Peter, Executive Director, Publish What You Pay

Of my three years attending the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Board meeting, this latest gathering in Ukraine was by far the most ambitious, collegial and productive.

Colleagues from…


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Governments, Companies Find a Bit of Common Ground on Resource Nationalism at Indaba

Over the past decade at least, “resource nationalism” has been a hotly debated concept for those in the oil, gas and mining industries, government decision-makers and media who cover the space.

It was also a main theme at this year’s Mining Indaba. …


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Weekly GOXI, March 4, 2019

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI…


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Gender & Extractives: 2019 so far...

Due to new work projects and moving countries, it’s been a while since I did one of these. So here's a quick round-up of gender & extractives news for January & Februrary 2019, including "News from around the world", "EITI - A milestone", "Update re: Canada's C69 Bill", and "The female face of artisanal mining"

EITI reaches a milestone in Kyiv

It’s been a pretty exciting month for the transparency &…


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New e-learning course on environmental, social, and human rights protection in the mining sector

The joint Swedish Environmental Protection Agency – UNDP Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) launched today a free online course on mining governance in collaboration with the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The training course is…


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Afghanistan’s Transparency Portal – a window on mining and oil projects

Authored by Aasmund Andersen and Christina Berger

On 25 November 2018, journalists, civil society members and senior government officials gather at the government media information centre in Kabul. National TV is broadcasting, live streaming on media channels is under way. Hon. Minister of Mines and Petroleum…


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EITI Board approves Argentina’s application to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Government to use EITI to promote transparent and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources

The EITI Board today approved Argentina’s application to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) at its meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Argentina, the third-largest economy in Latin America, becomes the EITI’s 52nd member country.

I congratulate Argentina on becoming a member of the EITI…


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